Born - Canada, 1991                         Nationality - Indian

Present - Graphic design freelancer and creative consultant.
2015 - '16 Worked as a Sr. Executive - Creative at Oranjuice Entertainment
/ 2013 - '15 Worked as a Sr. Copywriter at OgilvyOne Worldwide, Mumbai
2012 - '13 Worked as a Jr. Copywriter at BCWebWise
2009 - '12 Graduated from St. Xavier's College College with a Bachelor's In Mass Media degree.

A self taught graphic designer and multidisciplinary creative artist. A former copywriter and conceptualiser. Relentlessly working towards honing my craft and expanding it in different creative directions.

On slowly discovering my knack and love for the visual arts, I started teaching myself graphic design and illustration. Being able to express my ideas and observations visually has been the most fulfilling experience. From conceiving a vague idea to executing it and presenting it to the world - is a cathartic process for me and makes me want to keep creating and getting better. Art keeps me inspired and driven; it makes me look at every element and behaviour in my environment as an opportunity to tell a visual story. I believe and practice that one has to completely disconnect from the crowded space of visual content, in order to gain a fresh perspective sometimes. 

Just like design, I am highly motivated by music and take absolute pleasure in discovering new artists, going for gigs, organising music festivals (in the past) and collecting vinyl records. It's the most effortless way to be happy for me. I think together, design and music are a powerful form of creative expression, offering truly memorable and honest experiences to people. Experiences that have led to some of the most cherished relationships in my life. That is what I strive to attain with my work.

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